Artist Couple Chacasso & Micah Page 
are giving away FREE ART For the Holidays.

Who Is Chacasso? 

Artist and Founder of Save The Artists Foundation. 

Chacasso has been selling his paintings professionally since he was 14 years old. He has lived the life of a starving artist and taken every job he could along the way in order to survive. He is a strong advocate for Personal Development and believes "attitude is everything." 

A selfless leader, during Covid he sacrificed his paycheck so his team wouldn't lose their jobs. He has painted and sold more originals in the last 5 years than most artists do in their entire lifetimes and really understands what it takes to create art that sells. 

He is a shining light, committed to blazing a path the way for other Artists to follow. 

Who Is Micah Page? 

Artist and Founder of Save the Artists Foundation. Marketing Maven, Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach, Servant Driven Leader, Lover of Humanity.

Micah is an award winning photographer who didn't follow her dream to be a photo journalist and instead became a Recruiter. Her free spirit soon found her pursuing her dreams as an Entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness Industry (where she met Chacasso). 

She has helped build 7 Multi Million Dollar companies where she led sales and marketing teams to experience great success. She has facilitated thousands of events and hundreds of Conventions, teaching, training and motivating Entrepreneurs from all walks of life. 

How they are giving back to the Arts 

These two highly creative visionaries have dedicated the last 7 years of their lives to creating a solution to the "Starving Artists" mentality and state of affairs.

During this journey they have painted and sold thousands of original pieces of art and giclee prints. The first originals were sold on South Congress where they popped up as street artists for 2 years.

Having met people from around the world (including hundreds of amazing artists) they soon realized that 85% of the world has been left out of owning original art while Artists go needlessly undiscovered, under supported and in danger of being made obsolute.

Up till now the couple has focused their effort in Austin TX and are ready to enter the Digital Space with an NFT platform with the ability to give artists the cutting edge resources to help them gain the most exposure and support possible. 

This platform is being funded through the Save the Artists Foundation.

The success of this project depends on Artists and Art Lovers to come together and create a movement. 

Save The Artists Mission

Our Foundation will provide artists and art lovers the tools, trainings and technology (NFT's) to fund creative projects. Providing a way for Artists to stop starving and start thriving. Be the first to find out how by taking the 143 Pledge.  

NFT Art Renaissance? 

History has taught us that Art Renaissances almost always happen after severe hardships and or pandemics.

Covid is no exception. In fact, we believe there has and never will be an opportunity like we have right now with blockchain and NFT technology.

Here's why:

People are in need of new energy, higher vibrations and more meaningful connections. They are in need of something bigger than themselves.

Art is transformative and provides the perfect gathering place. A place where everyone can come together and be inspired. Art provokes thought and emotions. It connects us to the most authentic part of ourselves.. our inner creators.

When you combine something as exciting as NFT technology with the tranformative abilities of Creativity and Art - you get a super opportunity

Save the Artists Foundation was created to help Artists and Art Lovers navigate this new Art Renaissance and provide a way for philanthropic projects to create mass impact.

Everyone who takes the 143 pledge will get early access before the entire INTERNET.

Become a Patron by joining us in our Mission as we help bring in the 

THIS WEEK ONLY! Take the 143 pledge 
and receive an 11 x 14 stretched canvas LIMITED EDITION Giclee Print.

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  • Be part of a community based on Abundance, Support and Integrity.
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When You Get 3 Rolls Of One-Inch Fiber Fix Today, We'll Throw In 2 Rolls of Two-Inch and 1 Roll of Four-Inch FOR FREE!
When You Get 3 Rolls Of One-Inch Fiber Fix Today, We'll Throw In 2 Rolls of Two-Inch and 1 Roll of Four-Inch FOR FREE!